Uncle’s Shave Ice Fundraiser

Uncle’s Shave Ice is eager to help local non-profit organizations with fundraising efforts.  We make it very easy to raise money by providing the island’s favorite Shave Ice and Shave Snow anytime the customer wants it.  No need to carry inventory, make food, pull tea leaves, meet for food pick-up, etc.

Uncle’s will provide you with a card redeemable for four regular Shave Ice, or Shave Snow any time they want to redeem…one at a time or all four at once.  The value of the card, including tax, is $22.  Uncle’s will let the non-profit organization sell the cards for just $14 and keep $5 profit.  It is simple and a win-win for the team selling the Uncle’s Shave Ice cards.

Please note – Any Shave Ice & Shave Snow add-ons of “Overs” and “Unders;” like Ice Cream, Azuki Beans, Mochi Bits, Fresh Fruit, Cream Caps and Li Hing Mui Powder will be charged to the customer at the time of redemption.

It easy, just follow these steps:

1)             Order a minimum of 100 Uncle’s Shave Ice Fundraiser cards and provide a deposit to Uncle’s.

2)             Take up to 4 weeks to sell the Uncle’s Shave Ice Fundraiser cards.

3)             Make lots of money for your organization!

 Uncle’s Shave Fundraiser cards are redeemable at both locations – The Shops at Kukui’ula in Poipu and Hokulei Village in Poipu – both shops open everyday till 9pm

 For more information call Veronica Lovesy at 652-5092, email Uncle at rlovesy@hawaii.rr.com, or stop in the shop and ask for Uncle Rick!


Uncle’s Frequent Customer Program

Pick up an Uncle’s Shave Ice Frequent Customer Card and you can be treated to anything you can eat on the menu!  It is easy, you will receive a punch for each $3 you spend.  When you have completed punched your card you can turn it in for your shave ice, shave snow, caramel apple or other reward…anything you want on the menu up to a $9 value.  Get started today!




Best Shave Ice on Kauai!